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New York Chapter - January 15, 2015 Meeting
Coming to an Auction House Near You?
The Revived Debate Over Art Resale Royalties

New York Chapter - May 1, 2014 Meeting
Aero: In the Wake of the Supreme Court Ruling

New York Chapter - April 24, 2014 Meeting
Show Me the Money: The Essentials of Valuation
of Copyrights in Transactions & Litigation

New York Chapter - March 26, 2014 Meeting
If I Ran The Zoo: Probing The Contours
Of "The Next Great Copyright Act"

New York Chapter - January 14, 2014 Meeting
Copyright and the Changing Political Environment
in Washington: A View from the Inside

New York Chapter - October 24, 2013 Meeting
Content Aggregation: Fair Use or a Use Too Far?

New York Chapter - September 20, 2013 Meeting
The Cross-Border Harmonization (or Not) of Digital Music Rights

New York Chapter - April 30, 2013 Meeting
A Matter of Import: Supreme Court's Kirtsaeng Decision

New York Chapter - March 22, 2013 Meeting
Game On! Videogame Clones and Killer IP

Copyright Law – The Blueprint Of The Music Industry
Speaker: Corey Field, Esq. Presented by The CSUSA Northwest Chapter

New York Chapter - December 11, 2012 Meeting
Television and Disruptive Technologies: Copyright's New Frontier

New York Chapter - November 12, 2012 Meeting
Hot Links - After Flava Works, Will Linking Burn You?

Christopher A. Meyer Memorial Lecture - October 16, 2012
The Google Books Litigation and the Aftermath

DC Chapter - September 13, 2012 Meeting
Copyright Crazy: Canadian Copyright Law in Transition

New York Chapter - April 17, 2012 Meeting
Enter the Third Dimension (Whether You Like It or Not):
The Practical and Legal Ramifications of 3D Printing

New York Chapter - January 19, 2012 Meeting
The Future of Digital Licensing: Still Door-To-Door or One-Stop-Shop?

Northern California Chapter - April 27, 2011 - Panel Discussion
What's Hot in Copyright for Video Games?

New York Chapter - April 10, 2011 Meeting
Divvying Up the Digital Pie: The Fight Over Music Download & E-Book Royalties Just Got Hotter.

CSUSA National Event - February 23, 2011 - Panel Discussion
Protecting Intellectual Property in the Social Media Age

New York Chapter - February 22, 2011 Meeting
EBOOKS: Kindling for a New Era of Book Publishing

Northern California Chapter - February 17, 2011 - Panel Discussion
Is Copyright Law Harming or Helping the Music Industry?

New York Chapter - December 2010 Meeting
The Elusive Termination Right: Where Does It Stand?

New York Chapter - November 2010 Meeting
Why Viacom V. YouTube Matters (Besides the $1 Billion)

New York Chapter - October 2010 Meeting
Jefferson's Moose in Cyberspace

Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture 2007 - Richard Dannay

CSUSA Copyright Education Videos

Introducing the Basics

Piracy - A Threat to Creativity